This was a school project to create art using recycled materials.  I had decided to make a flowering plant using recycled materials.

Research and Experiment

I collected various types of drink bottles and sourcing different coloured plastic items from bottles, plates, spoons, containers and lids.  I then tested the materials for heat re-shaping using candles, iron and other heat sources. There was a trick to heat up the material, which would bend from the heat, without overheating and over curling.

Method and Reflection

Using green drink bottles, I found I could easily make the main stalk and leaf structure.  For the flowers, I had used coloured spoons.

  1. Cut out petals and leaves from plastic bottles
  2. Using flames from candles to shape the petals and leaves
  3. For the stigma and the style, I used a piece of aluminium and a drop of hot glue-gun. Then painted it all black.
  4. Finally, I glued all the parts together.
  5. For the base I painted the bowl, initially green then a bronze color.  I noted it was heavier at the top so I put rocks in the bowl to keep it more stable.

To improve my recycled plastic flowering plant, I would melt the plastic pieces together instead of using the glue gun.

IMG_1361 IMG_1358 IMG_6927IMG_6929 IMG_6967 IMG_6994IMG_6998

Below are some drawings I made for the recycled flower:

IMG_1663 IMG_1661

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