Marina Bay Sands was my school’s art project that I did in 2013, to make one of Singapore’s iconic buildings.


For this project I took lots of photos of Marina Bay Sands and noticed that one side of the Marina Bay Sands bent more than the other side.  I also used ideas from URA’s version of Marina Bay Sands which had layered pieces of wood.  I used this idea by using layered pieces of cardboard.


  1. Layered the cardboard for the more curvy side of the Marina Bay Sands.
  2. Used recycled aluminum baking trays for the other side of Marina Bay Sands, facing the sea.
  3. Paper mached the two items above and spray painted it silver so that it will look the same on the outside.
  4. For the top, I used block of wood and styrofoam.
  5. I decorated the Marina Bay Sands with trees made from twigs, straws and styrofoam that I dyed with food colouring.
  6. Then I painted the sea and the road as a background.


Initially I had wanted to have layers of polystyrene to represent the Sky-Park side of things.  However when I started spray painting it silver I noticed that it dissolved the polystyrene.   Therefore I had to paper mache the Sky-Park of Marina Bay Sands before I could spray it.  I would like the opportunity to redo this with gesso and paint instead.


Note: Some of my model for example boats and trees disappeared from school.


Below are pictures of my creative process

IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1928 IMG_1919 IMG_1923IMG_1921DSC03132

Below are some of my sketches of Marina Bay Sands

IMG_1654 IMG_1652 IMG_1653

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