Making a Greek Vase


For my 12th birthday I wanted to have a Greek Themed Party one of the things that I wanted to do was a Greek vase.  After doing the giant dinosaur for my sister I thought I would definitely be able to do this within a few days, in time for my birthday party.


I googled online for traditional Greek vases and decided that I wanted to make a simple Greek vase.


  1. Using two plastic bowls for the base and the top, and a paper mached balloon for the main part of the vase.
  2. After that I used reinforced strips of cardboards for the handles and attached it onto the vase; then paper mached over for smoothness and to securely attached the handle to the vase for strength of the structure.
  3. After I paper mached the balloon, I punctured and remove the balloon; then paper mached the bowl onto the body of the vase.
  4. I then painted with bronze acrylic paint and painted on stripes and a lightning bolt to match my Greek theme.   I then cut lighting bolts out of fluorescent paper to make it look like Zeus’ lightning vase container.
  5. For the theme of the party I put in an acrylic glaze to seal in the acrylic paint and to give it a more “Zeus” feel to the vase.


  1. What I could have done better was to put gesso on the paper mache, to make it smoother and less bumpy, unfortunately I was running out of time so I did not have time to put on the gesso to give it a more smooth look.
  2. If I had more time I had wanted to draw Greek figures and horses which matched more of what I saw when I researched on Greek vases.
IMG_1353IMG_1355 IMG_8285 IMG_8240

Below are some sketches I drew of the Greek Vase:

IMG_1657 IMG_1655 IMG_1656

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