My younger sister wanted to have a dinosaur themed birthday.   Our family normally plan months in advance.  My gift to her was a paper mache dinosaur.  Some of my birthday parties can be found here: http://charleneleanna.com/birthday/ if you click on the birthday you can see that all our birthdays have art pieces inside them also made by myself.


I looked up photographs of dinosaurs, my sister wanted a long necked dinosaur, which was a herbivore but she wanted it to have sharp teeth. My sister also wanted it  to look friendly, meaning she did not want it to have claws and not so muscular. So I had to make it based on my imagination.

Method and Reflection

I used wires as the “skeleton” criss-crossing them for strength of the structure. Then I paper mache it and then painted it the colours my sister wanted. Finally, I added rolled up paper for the teeth, black and red cloth for the mouth and ping pong ball eyes. Unfortunately, my sister also did not want it to have nostrils, as she said it looked less friendly. If I could make another one I would definitely make it have claws, more muscles, nostrils, and maybe if it was a carnivore, “blood” on its teeth.




Below are sketches I had made about the dinosaur:

IMG_1659 IMG_1660

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