This was a competition I took part in, in 2014. I was only allowed to use Staedtler materials, so I decided to put my favourite art forms, painting (since the school provided Staedtler paints) and making 3D objects.


I am the “Art Monitor” in our family and I manage the family’s Pinterest pages, which always have more art projects than I have time for.  During one of my readings I saw someone did a simple card that showed two pictures, when this Art project came I decided to use this method for my painting.


The theme for my drawing was dreaming about being a pop star, as singing is one of my passions.  


  1. First I did a prototype by making a rough drawing on a piece of A4 paper then cutting it up and testing to see if my idea would work and it did!
  2. After a few practices on A4 I then did a full scale test as a dry run.   Unfortunately I had thrown away many of these rough sketches but they can be seen in photos.
  3. I then did used a full scale piece a paper of the same size on each half.   Then cut each of the two drawings into 4 stripes which then I alternated on the final piece of paper.
  4. After drawing a sketch on the paper (which you can see on the photographs) I then painted on top.


The Staedtler paints did not blend like acrylic paints and therefore I should have mixed the paint first instead of layering the paint.  The other thing that I would want to do is to make sure that a viewer at a certain perspective would see a perfect image if they stood at exactly the right spot on each side.  

IMG_1178 IMG_1175 IMG_1177 IMG_1178

IMG_0259 IMG_0054


Below are some drawings I during the process:


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