This is for my school project for children’s day, using recycled materials. The theme that year was fiction stories. So I decided on the theme, Harry Potter.  For props, I decided on the Nimbus 2000 and Harry Potter’s wand.

Research and Inspiration

I was inspired by the story, Harry Potter. I walked along beaches and parks hoping to find suitable drift woods.  However, I could not find suitably shaped ones.  Thus, I used toilet rolls and discarded brooms.

Method and Reflection

I joined the toilet rolls and manipulated their shapes by snipping, adding layers and bending them into shapes.  I increased the thickness of the shapes to reflect on the shape of the Nimbus 2000 and then paper mache over the entire shape.  I took a while to dry, thus to hasten the process, I used a hair dryer.


72IMG_3019 IMG_0837 IMG_0843 IMG_0846 Untitled-1


Below are some of the sketches I made of the Nimbus 2000:

IMG_1670 IMG_1671

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