I did this for my “Harry Potter” themed birthday last year, this was a big hit as everyone wanted to take a photo and as a party gift I gave everyone my own hand made wands, like the one you can see me holding.

Inspiration and Experiment

I was inspired by the “ Have You Seen This Wizard” poster in Harry Potter. Since this was for my party, I thought since most of my friends are girls, why not change it to witch. To get the proper size of this life size frame, I tested out the size it ought to be by hanging the styrofoam sheet from the second floor balcony down to the lounge area and gradually cutting out the appropriate size of hole needed.

Method and Reflection

I aged the printed paper with coffee and accelerated the drying of the paper in the oven.  I then wrapped the aged paper onto the frame.  For the outside I used a sponge to give it the rugged look.

The prisoner’s number board, I used two thick cardboards so that the numbers is lower, and for the Azkaban letters I cut them out, painted them gold and glued it on the board.
To make the board feel better I used paint and a sponge method to give it the bumpy feel.
I also made Harry Potter and Hermione’s wands (about 30 of them)  as gifts for girls and boys using long chopsticks, clay, cords and glued them on before painting.  One of the wands for girls I am holding in the photo above.


Below are photos of me in making the board for my party and also sketches of my board:

IMG_6273 IMG_6279 (1) IMG_6281 (1) IMG_6288 (1) IMG_1372IMG_1672

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