Gardens by the bay school project


This was a team project that I did for Bedok Green Primary School to make one of Singapore’s iconic buildings. I was chosen to be the leader of my group of 3 classmates for our project.


Prior to meeting as a group, I did some research on “Gardens by the Bay”, looking at photos and happy memories of my numerous visits there, as I was a member of Gardens by the Bay since it was first opened.


  1. I used toilet rolls.  I had to cut the toilet rolls into half lengthwise so that I could twist it to the shape of the supertrees. This was taped and eventually glue-gunned to the drawing block.
  2. For the outside of the supertrees thin cardboards was used to give the outside appearance of the supertrees, which I copied from the actual structure of the supertree.  I then used the cardboard strips to connect these outward curves.
  3. I then drew a blueprint for my other members to paint the bottom to give an added effect.
  4. I also got my other team members to make some of the trees which I supplied the materials and my prototype to replicate.
  5. In the end I put it together and used and old sponge to give the bottom of the tree some greenery similar to the supertrees.


  1. The towers’ finished structure were bigger than anticipated, therefore I copied the “ground” background to extend the base board, first side to the other side to ensure that it was symmetrical and places the towers on the other side so that there was enough room for all of them.  In the future, I will position the 3D portions first before doing the base.






Below are some of my sketches of Gardens by the Bay

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

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