I really enjoyed making this art work for the competition and I am so glad I won!  My piece was shown at Suntec City.  After winning this competition I was also invited in front of the whole school to give a presentation about my creation process and my artwork.

Below of pictures of me making my art is fun project and experimenting with all different types of mediums including glitter, paint even nail polish!  I wanted to get texture of the paint some of these can be seen in the pictures below:

5IMG_4557 IMG_6290


Here I used a mesh and painted on top to get a mesh texture for the trampoline.IMG_6279

For the water I used a mixture of paint, glitter and nail polish to get the shimmering effect I wanted for the water.



To get the texture I wanted for the border around the pool I used paper and a thick brush to get the texture I wanted.