This was a technique that my Art Teacher had taught me and encouraged me to pursue.  When I looked online at tutorials I saw that this was also a great way of visualising a 3D object.  Also to help me shade a 3D object better, which I have tried in many of my doodles.

Research and Inspiration

This technique inspires me to want to try to draw everyday objects and how simple drawings of a real fruit can be difficult.


  1. I first started with drawing simple shapes, like cubes, spheres and pyramids.   Then worked my way up to simple objects.
  2. Then I started on fruits, as I saw many artists draw fruit!  I made several attempts at drawing the fruit making sure that I showed the right contours on each of the different fruits.  What helped me was using my fingers to trace an outline on the fruit to feel the curves and dips of the fruit.


It was very interesting looking at the different fruit I never realised that a banana had 4 distinct sides! And even apples had different sides and even bumps on the surface especially on the top and bottom of the fruit.


Below are pictures of me practicing to get the contour lines exact and also on different objects:

IMG_1680 IMG_1679

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