Originally I had started from Zen-Doodles. Which I find relaxing and fun, when I had shown my art work to my Art Teacher he suggested that I try doing 3D drawings.  Please turn to the next page to see my 3D Drawing.


I used a combination of hatching and cross hatching for the shading.  To smooth out the colours further I used a stub and my blender pencil.   At times I would also use my kneaded eraser to lighten some of the lines and add a vanishing point.


I wanted to add more flowers and music notes at the background but ran out of time. When I am free, I would definitely add and improve it.  


I love drawing in my spare time.   Here are some of the bigger drawings that I have done, most of them are smaller pieces which is now shown here.


Below are some of my art work that I have done, including some of the sketches and practices that I did.

IMG_1677 IMG_1674 IMG_1675 IMG_1676

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