My Testimonials

Below are testimonials from my choir teacher, and my teachers throughout my years at Bedok Green Primary School.

My art teacher has also graciously said that he will also write a testimonial for the art that I have contributed to Bedok Green Primary School, but this will come out at the start of Term 3.  My form teacher will also give her testimonial at the start of Term 3.




What my teachers say about me...

Charlene is a steady worker who takes pride in her work.  She takes her studies seriously and shows a willingness to work.   She has a gentle temperament and is gracious in her dealing with her friends.  She should continue to strive for excellence and product good work consistently. 
Mrs Ng Yen Nee
Form Teacher 6 Nov 2013
Charlene is an independent learner with a positive attitude that helps her to overcome obstacle and continuously strives for success.   She is sensitive to the needs of others and promotes harmony as well as a common purpose with her team.  She is also a sensible and reliable student who can be entrusted with responsibilities. 
Mrs Ng Yen Nee
Form Teacher 26 May 2014
Charlene is a steady worker who puts her best effort in all that she undertakes.   She is a self-disciplined and has the potential to achieve success through her dedicated effort in her work.   She displays sincerity and respect in dealing with others … 
Mrs Ng Yen Nee
Form Teacher 4 Nov 2014
Charlene is an active and enthusiastic Choir member.   She is able to work well with the rest of the team members.   She has performed in the National competition – Singapore Arts Presentation 2015 and in various school concerts, such as Racial Harmony Day, National Day, Teacher’s Day, Inter-School Choir concerts and Annual Speech Day. 
Mrs Clara Koh
CCA Teacher-In-Charge 4 Nov 2014
Charlene is a thoughtful and considerate student who offers her help readily.   She is always willing to share her knowledge and resources with her peers.  She works consistently towards fulfilling her personal goals and is a source of inspiration for other as well.  
Mrs Ng Yen Nee
Form Teacher 25 May 2015
Charlene is a highly-motivated student who has maintained a high standard of performance.   She has a clear sense of purpose in achieving her personal goals and works consistently towards fulfilling them She displays a calm demeanour and has built good interpersonal relationships with her peers.
Mrs Ng Yen Nee
Form Teacher 13 Nov 2015
Charlene is a diligent student who takes great pride in her work, always submitting high-quality assignments.  She speaks and writes well.   She is extremely creative and has designed many interesting forms of artwork for interclass competitions.  She believes in herself and works towards achieving the goals she has set for herself …  It is a joy teaching her.
Miss Elissa Chew
Form Teacher 25 May 2016