My Health and Sports

In 2012 I was overweight from the school, after my father and I went to a family life class organised by the school on setting goals we started to set our goals together.  We followed the SMARTER goal setting we had learnt:

S: Specific goals mine was to make sure I have normal weight, by eating healthy foods and exercise.

M: Measurable goals so my father got a digital weighing scale

A:  Achievable goals we wanted to make sure we did more outdoor activities and sports.

R: Realistic my father said to set small goals to achieve them so not to me

T: Timely my goal was to achieve being normal in a year.

E: Evaluate, we evaluated this in half a year and I reached my goal!

R: Re-evaluate, now we have our goals set on getting full marks for Secondary Napfa tests!



The above picture shows the information from my digital scale and it shows me from being overweight to into the blue range which is normal weight.


Today I am fitter than ever, in 2014 I managed to only get Bronze for my Napfa and this year in 2016 I have gotten Gold, not only did I achieve Gold for Napfa I was only 4 marks short from a perfect 30 marks.


What I am also proud with is that my father also joined me to be more fit.  He lost 18kg in 2 years! He has taught me that with discipline, perseverance and consistency you can achieve great things.  Today I am more fit than ever, doing numerous fun runs.   At the end of the year holidays, we cycled 120km in 3 days, with my cycling by myself and my father sister cycling tandem together.


Health and Sports